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Here at our factory, we specialize in manufacturing top-quality stainless steel nuts that meet your specific requirements. They are precision machined and have a very professional appearance. They would be perfect for any industrial or commercial application. We have a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your project.

Plus, thanks to our large production capacity, we can deliver your order on time and within budget. Contact us now for custom nuts services.

constom stainless steel nuts

Types Of Custom Stainless Steel Nuts According To Material

There are different grades of stianless steel to produce nuts.

Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel Nuts
Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel Nuts are able to keep their shape and size under extreme conditions.
Super Duplex 2507 Stainless Steel Nuts
They have all of the same advantages as Duplex2205 stainless steel nuts, but they are even more resistant to corrosion and can withstand higher temperatures.
904L Austenitic Stainless Steel Nuts
It is the most expensive type of production equipment, but they offer the best performance and durability.
316L Stainless Steel Nuts
They are less expensive than 904L austenitic stainless steel nuts, but they still offer good performance and durability.
304 Stainless Steel Hexagon Threaded Coupling Connecting Nuts
They are only resistant to corrosion and can only withstand high temperatures.

Types Of Custom Stainless Steel Nuts According To Shape

stainless steel cap nuts

Stainless steel Cap Nuts

Cap nuts are hexagonal nuts with a dome cap at the top. They are often used as decorative finishes to cover protruding studs or bolts.

Stainless Coupling Nuts

Stainless Coupling Nuts

Coupling nuts are hexagonal nuts commonly used to hold together externally threaded fasteners.

Stainless Flange-Serrated Nuts

Stainless Flange-Serrated Nuts

Flange-Serrated nuts are hexagonal nuts with non-rotating washers at the bottom. Below the washer are serrations that allow the nuts to hold firmly in place.

Stainless Non-Serrated Flange Nuts

Stainless Non-Serrated Flange Nuts

Non-serrated flange nut is a hex nut with a non-rotating washer attached to the bottom. The underside of the gasket is smooth under the flange and is not serrated.

Stainless Heavy Hex Nuts

Stainless Heavy Hex Nuts

Heavy hex nuts are slightly wider and thicker than standard hexagon nuts. They are paired with large-diameter, high-strength, heavy-duty hexagon bolts.

Stainless Hex Machine Screw Nuts

Stainless Hex Machine Screw Nuts

Hex machine screw nuts are smaller and usually used with machine screws.

Stainless Hex Slotted Nuts

Stainless Hex Slotted Nuts

The slots are cut in the flat center of the hexagon nut. These slots attach fuses or cotter pins to fasteners with holes.

stainless steel lock nuts

Stainless Steel Lock Nuts

A stainless steel lock nut is a type of fastener that is used to secure bolts in place. The nut has a series of threads that engage with the bolt.

Our Fasteners Manufacturing Capability

thread rolling machine

thread rolling For Fasteners

Xfasteners has a highly advanced thread-rolling capability for custom nuts. We have a wide range of thread rollers to choose from, and we use the highest quality materials to ensure that our custom nuts are robust and reliable. Our team of experienced professionals has the know-how to quickly and accurately create threads with various diameters, pitches, and lengths.

cold heading

Cold Heading For Fasteners

Our company proudly offers our customers custom nuts with cold heading capability. Our process uses high-speed machinery and a specialized team of technicians to shape the metal into the desired form. We can create complex shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet customer needs. Our process utilizes innovative techniques such as thread rolling, knurling, and counterboring.

heat treatment

Heat Treatment For Fasteners

We are proud to offer premium heat treatment capability for custom nuts. We take extra care in the process of heat treating custom nuts to ensure that the highest quality product is achieved. Our process includes heating the nut material to a specific temperature for a predetermined amount of time and then allowing it to cool naturally in the air. 

quality control

There is a number of factors that can affect the performance of these nuts, including the composition of the alloy, the manufacturing process, and the storage conditions.
As a result, strict quality control measures are essential to ensure that only the highest-quality nuts are used in critical applications.

Detailed approach

1.Test the quality of stainless steel nuts regularly.

2.Use a visual inspection method. This method involves looking closely at the nut to identify any defects.

3.Use the method of dimensional inspection, which involves measuring the size and shape of nuts to ensure that they conform to specifications.

4.Use X-rays or ultrasound tests to check for cracks or other defects that are invisible to the naked eye.

why choose ue

Why Choose Us As Your Custom nut China Manufacturer?

As the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-made stainless steel nuts, we have been dedicated to providing high quality products and services for many years.

advanced equipment & tight tolarence

We have state-of-the-art machining equipment, and our tolerance levels are incredibly tight. This means that your custom-made parts will meet your precise specifications.

Competitive Price

We offer competitive pricing and lead times, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible value for your money.


Nuts are fasteners held together by bolts. Hex nuts are the most commonly used. There are also square nuts, flange nuts, acorn nuts, tube nuts, hexagon nuts, slotted hexagon nuts, butterfly nuts, round nuts, T-slotted nuts, triangular nuts, 12-point nuts, self-locking nuts, clip nuts, fork joints, and spring nuts.

The three primary machining operations are divided into turning, drilling and milling.
1.The turning operation uses workpiece rotation as the primary method of moving metal against the cutting tool. Lathes are the primary machine tools used in turning.
2.Drilling is the operation of creating or refining a hole by bringing a rotating tool with a cutting edge at the lower end into contact with the workpiece.
3.Milling is the operation in which the cutting tool is rotated so that the cutting edge is close to the workpiece.

When it comes to selecting the right type of stainless steel for your needs, it is important to consider the benefits of both 303 and 304 options.

303 stainless steel is known for its superior machinability, as well as its ability to resist corrosion in comparison to other types of steel.

However, 304 stainless steel is typically the better choice for applications where resistance to wear and tear is a concern. Additionally, 304 stainless steel is non-magnetic, making it an ideal choice for food preparation or medical equipment.

In the end, the decision of which type of stainless steel to use depends on the specific needs of the application.

Textile machinery
Modern architecture
The pharmaceutical
Food processing industry
Water treatment facility
Synthetic fiber
Pulp and paper industry

It is vital to inspect them for damage regularly and to clean them with mild soap. Additionally, applying a light coat of oil is an excellent idea to help prevent corrosion.  With proper care, custom stainless steel nuts can last for years.

We manufacturer various materials nuts , including stainless steel, brass, nickel alloys, titanium and alumiun alloys nuts.

At our company, we also manufacture a variety of other types of fasteners. Other parts including screws, bolts, pins and washers. We also manufadturer standard and custom of these parts. Whether you need something for a home improvement project or for an industrial application, we can help you find the right fastener for the job.

Galvanic corrosion is a process in which one metal corrodes preferentially when it is in electrical contact with another metal. The corrosion rate of the more active metal is accelerated, and the overall corrosion rate of both metals is increased. This process can occur when dissimilar metals are in contact with each other, or when one metal is exposed to an electrolyte while the other is not.

There are a few different types of fasteners that can be used for solar panel installations. The most common type is the screw, which can be used to attach the panels to the roof or other support structure. Nails can also be used, but they are not as secure as screws and are more likely to come loose over time. Solar panel clips or clamps are also available, which can be used to attach the panels to the roof or other support structure.

Custom Your Fasteners

As a professional stainless steel nuts manufacturer in China, we have a wide range of products that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Contact us to get started on your project!

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