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If you’re looking for a premier custom screws manufacturer and supplier, look no further than Xfasteners. We’re here to help you get the job done right. Xfasteners can customize screws of any size, shape, and material to meet your specific needs. Xfasteners are available in various screws, including machine screws, set screws, wood screws, etc.

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Types Of Custom screws

Our team offers many different types of custom screws that can be used for various applications.

machine screws

machine screws

Machine screws are a type of fastener created by machines that use a cutting tool to create the desired shape from metal or plastic. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be used in different applications.

set screws

set screws

Set screws are fasteners with a screw-type head that engages with a machine screw. They have several advantages over machine screws, the main one being their greater strength and durability.

security screws

security screws

Security screws are fasteners used to secure objects in place. They come in various shapes and sizes, with different features that make them suitable for different purposes.

wood screws

wood screws

Wood screws are screws that are made of wood. They have a head that is made out of wood and a threading screw that is inserted into the wood.

sheet metal screws

sheet metal screws

Sheet metal screws are special screws that fasten sheet metal parts together. They come in various types and have various features, making them perfect for a wide range of applications.

weld screws

weld screws

Weld screws are a special kind of screw that can be welded together to form sturdy joints. They're perfect for construction projects as they don't need extra fasteners, making them ideal for quick and easy assembly.

deck screws

deck screws

Deck screws are fasteners that are used to secure boards and other materials. They come in various sizes, head types, and screw lengths for different applications.

binding post screws

binding post screws

Binding post screws are used to fix objects in place. They come in various shapes and sizes, making them perfect for various applications.

concrete screws

concrete screws

Concrete screws are fasteners consisting of a screw head with either one or two hexagonal holes. They're specifically designed for attaching concrete to masonry, steel studs, and other similar substrates.

shoulder socket screws

shoulder socket screws

Shoulder socket screws are great for fixing things that are in close proximity to the ground. They're usually inexpensive and easy to procure, making them a popular choice among custom screw manufacturers.

eye screws

eye screws

Eyeglasses and other optical products are often fitted with custom screws known as eye screws.

thumb screws

thumb screws

Thumb screws are perfect for use in tight spaces and can easily be removed. They are also ideal for things that need to be fastened securely, like doors or cabinets.

hex cap screws

hex cap screws

Hex cap screws are the most popular type of custom screws in China. They are versatile, secure materials together, and easy to use.

thread forming screws

thread forming screws

Thread-forming screws are the most common type of screw and come in various shapes and sizes.

self drilling screws

self-drilling screws

Self-drilling screws are screws that can be driven into a hard surface using an electric screwdriver instead of a drill.

Types Of Custom screws By Materials

Many types of custom screws are available on the market, each made from different materials. Our company only uses high-quality raw materials. Some of the most common materials used to make custom screws include:

stainless steel

Stainless steel is a popular material for custom screws because it is corrosion-resistant and has good dimensional stability.

carbon steel

Carbon steel screws are the perfect choice for high-strength and impact applications. They can also withstand temperature fluctuations, making them a good option for construction sites.


Brass is a popular material for custom screws because of its antique look and feel. It is also resistant to corrosion, making it the perfect choice for outdoor use.


Titanium is a very strong and durable material ideal for custom screws. Its high resistance to corrosion and light weight make it perfect for products that need to be portable, such as electric items or medical devices.


Aluminum screws are the most popular type of screw due to their strength and lightness. They also resist corrosion, making them a great choice for high-temperature applications.


Inconel screws are the strongest on the market and are usually less expensive than other types of screws. They make a great option for businesses as they can withstand high loads and are perfect for fasteners that need to be resistant to wear and tear.


Monel screws are a strong and durable option when it comes to fasteners. They come in different grades, can be used indoors and outdoors, and are made from nickel-chromium alloys, making them more corrosion-resistant than other fasteners.

Our Fasteners Manufacturing Capability

thread rolling machine

thread rolling For Fasteners

Thread rolling capability is a critical factor in the production of custom screws. As a leading manufacturer of custom screws in China, our company has the ability to quickly and accurately roll threads into screw specifications. We also have a wide range of thread-rolling machines capable of producing high-quality screws with accurate tolerances. So if you’re looking for quality custom screws fast, look no further than ours!

cold heading

Cold Heading For Fasteners

Cold head screws are a type of screw that is important for a variety of applications. They are used in different industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and construction. Our screw manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art and capable of high-volume production. This makes us the perfect partner or supplier for companies that need to supply screws quickly in large quantities.

heat treatment

Heat Treatment For Fasteners

Xfasteners have a heat treatment capability that can improve the performance of your screws and make them more resistant to wear and tear. In addition, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified – meaning we meet the highest quality standards in the industry. Plus, our fast turnaround time means you’ll be able to get your hands on your custom screws as soon as possible!

Quality Control Measures We Take In Manufacturing Custom Fasteners

At XFasteners, we take quality control very seriously.

We have implemented a system of stringent checks and balances to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of excellence.

Our process begins with incoming raw material inspections, which are conducted by qualified inspectors using calibrated measuring equipment.

We also perform regular tests on our finished products to guarantee their consistency and integrity.

Additionally, all of our operations are monitored constantly in order to identify areas where improvements can be made.

By utilizing these comprehensive quality control measures, we ensure that our customers always receive fasteners that meet or exceed their expectations.

testing equipment
why choose us

Why Choose Us As Your Custom nut China Manufacturer?

There are many custom screws manufacturer in China, but which one is the right fit for your project? Here are some key reasons why choosing us as your custom screws manufacturer in China is a sound decision:

Good Transport and Networking Systems

At Xfasteners, we understand the importance of a good transport and networking system. Our team comprises experienced professionals with the skills and knowledge to get your products to their destination on time. We use reliable shipping methods that ensure fast transit times while protecting your products from damage.

reliable and experienced team

A reliable and experienced team is invaluable for any business. A team that has been together for many years will have a deep understanding of the company's culture, values, and goals. They are able to identify problems quickly, manage their own workloads efficiently, and communicate effectively with one another – all of which help to ensure that projects are completed on time and to a high standard.

Our Related Custom Products

We work with our clients to create a product that meets their specifications. We also have a wide range of related custom products, including custom bolts, nuts, screws, and pins, that are designed to meet the specific needs of our clientele.

Stainless steel nuts, brass nuts, set screws, weld nuts, cap nuts, lock nuts, thumb nuts, coupling nuts, etc.

Hex Bolts, Carriage Bolts, T Bolts, Eye Bolts, Flange Bolts, Expansion Bolts, Hollow Bolts, Stud Bolts, Hanger Bolts, Elevator Bolts, Stadium Seat Bolts, Lag Bolts.

Countersunk Rivets, Semi-Tubular Rivets, Solid Rivets, Structural Rivets, and Blind Rivets.

cotter pins, dowel pins, Slotted spring pins, Coil pins, Grooved pins, Heavy duty slotted tooth spring pins, Tether pins, Taper pins, Snap pins, Hitch pins, Clevis pins, and Bridge pins.


There are a few different materials that can be used for custom screws. The most popular choices are metals like brass, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and copper. However, different materials are better suited for different applications. When it comes to brass screws, they are often used in decorative applications because of their rich tone and luster. Stainless steel screws are a popular choice for fastening tough materials like wood or plastic, as they resist rust and corrosion. Aluminum screws are perfect for delicate materials like glass or porcelain, as they have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Titanium screws are ideal for high-stress applications, such as those in aircraft or racing cars. They are also very corrosion-resistant. Meanwhile, copper screws are a great choice for projects with heavy use, such as furniture or appliances. They have a warm and reddish tone that is perfect for traditional applications.

Custom screws are used in various applications, from small electronic devices to large machinery. Depending on the application’s requirements, they can be made from various materials. Custom screws can be made with different thread pitches, lengths, and head shapes to suit the application’s needs.

When choosing a supplier for your custom screws needs, it is important to do your research first. Make sure to check their reputation, capabilities, and FAQ page so that you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Another thing to remember when choosing a screw supplier is the kind of screws they produce. For example, brass screws are ideal for high-quality applications, while steel screws are perfect for rugged conditions. Finally, ask questions about the price of their screws and ensure that you are getting value for your money.

Yes, you can trust the quality of screws sourced from China, as they undergo rigorous inspections and tests before being allowed on the market. This process includes passing through quality control stages such as dimensional accuracy, tensile strength, and rust resistance. Furthermore, all screw manufacturers in China are accredited by global agencies such as ISO 9001 and AS9100. This ensures that the quality of products meets global standards.

Our company offers custom bolts, nuts, and washers in various sizes, shapes, and materials. You can find all of these fasteners in our online catalog. We also have a team of experts skilled in manufacturing various screws. Our factory is located in China, and we have a strong reputation for quality.

When it comes to manufacturing processes, custom screws can greatly improve the accuracy and quality of your products. In addition to this, standard screws may not be strong enough for high-intensity applications or environments. Custom screws are also more durable than standard screws and can last longer in high-intensity applications.

When screwing materials like wood together, it’s important to use screws that are the right size for the job. Size is dependent on a few factors – like the material it needs to be screwed into, the surface area being screwed onto, and the torque that will be required. To make things easier, always measure first before buying screws. Use a caliper or ruler to record these dimensions and keep them safe, so you don’t lose them or misplace them during your project. When selecting screws for woodworking projects, choosing those with good-quality construction is important. Look out for things like forged heads and brass shanks.


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