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Are you looking for custom flange bolt manufacturers in China to fulfill your huge hardware requirements? If yes, then we have good news for you! Here at Xfasteners, we offer fasteners manufacturing services. Custom hardware is the backbone of any product, and fasteners are the hardware that holds all the parts together.

From custom bolts to washers and nuts, we have them all. Contact us to request a quote!

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The Common Materials In Custom flange bolts

Carbon steel flange bolts

A cost-effective option due to their high strength and durability. They are widely used in various industries for their corrosion resistance, strength, and durability.

Stainless steel flange bolts

Resistant to corrosion, heat, and oxidation for improved longevity. These bolts offer a secure hold and superior strength, making them perfect for heavy-duty applications.

Alloy steel flange bolts

Excellent machinability and weldability for customized applications. Their features make them an excellent choice when strength, durability, and reliability are required in the most demanding circumstances.

Titanium alloy flange bolts

Low weight but highly strong with superior fatigue resistance. 

Types Of Custom flange bolts That We Can Provide

hex flange bolt

Hex flange bolts

Hex flange bolts are a fastener specifically designed to provide strong and reliable connections in applications where the bolt must be secured flush against a surface. They have a hexagonal head, which is wider than the shaft.

square flange bolt

Square Flange Bolts

Square flange bolts are made from high-quality stainless steel for enhanced strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Square flange bolts come with male threads on one side, making them easy to install.

machine flange bolt

Machine Flange Bolt

Machine flange bolts are made from stainless steel for increased durability and strength. They feature female threads on one side to make it easy to attach the bolt to the mating part.

Our Fasteners Manufacturing Capability

thread rolling machine

thread rolling For Fasteners

Our thread rolling capability for flange bolts provides high-quality, precise threads that meet industry standards. This allows our customers to achieve the desired performance and stability when installing equipment into tough environments such as oil and gas pipelines or heavy equipment machinery. 

cold heading

Cold Heading For Fasteners

Xfasteners is capable of manufacturing custom flange bolts with a range of sizes and materials. Our cold heading capability allows us to produce consistent flange bolts in quality and performance. We use advanced cold heading technology to produce flange bolts that are consistent in quality and performance.

heat treatment

Heat Treatment For Fasteners

We are a trusted heat treatment provider for flange bolts, and we have the capability to heat treat these bolts. Heat treatment is essential to increase the strength of flange bolts, and it also helps them with corrosion resistance. Our heat treatment process ensures that each bolt meets the standards set by industry standards. 

Our Quality Promise For Custom flange Bolts

– Our custom flange bolts are made from high-quality raw materials.

– We have a strict quality control process during production.

– All our custom flange bolts are heat-treated for durability and strength.

– Xfasteners offer a variety of sizes and styles for our bolts to meet customer needs.

– We provide competitive prices for custom flange bolts without compromising on quality.

why choose ue

Why Choose Us As Your Custom bolt China Manufacturer?

As the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-made flange bolts, we have been dedicated to providing high-quality products and services for many years.

Competitive prices and fast delivery times

Our reliable custom flange bolts, made with premium steel, are designed to be cost-efficient for our customers. We provide fast delivery times for all orders placed via email, phone, or online checkout. Xfasteners also offer customized solutions to meet all needs and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

An experienced team with advanced technologies

Our engineers are highly certified and experienced in handling various bolts, nuts, washers, and other parts required for various applications. They have the knowledge and experience to handle any situation confidently and efficiently.


When it comes to buying flange bolts, custom manufacturers offer several benefits. We can provide flange bolts that are tailored to fit specific applications and provide more control over the quality and materials used in your flange bolts. Custom manufacturers can also provide specialized services such as threading, coating, and heat treatment.

Custom flange bolts are machined to fit specific applications and requirements. In contrast, standard flange bolts are mass-produced bolts that come in various sizes but with minimal customization options. When customizing your flange bolt, you can choose from different sizes, lengths, thread types, materials, and finishes.

When it comes to choosing a reliable custom flange bolt manufacturer, there are a few factors you should take into consideration.

First and foremost, the custom flange bolt manufacturer should have experience and expertise in the industry. It is important to select a manufacturer with an established track record of producing high-quality bolts that meet international standards.

The manufacturer should also have high-quality control standards and use advanced technology. This ensures that the bolts will be of consistent quality and performance. Additionally, the manufacturer should be able to provide customized bolts according to customer specifications.

At our company, we manufacture a variety of different types of bolts. This includes eye bolts, hex bolts, and carriage bolts. Eye bolts are ideal for hanging items from the ceiling or affixing items to walls, as they have a looped head that allows easy installation with a nut. Hex bolts also feature a hexagonal head and are typically used in construction projects since they provide superior strength. Carriage bolts have a smooth rounded head and are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while providing secure fastening capabilities. 

Customize your Flange Bolts

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order for standard and custom flange bolts. We assure you that the quality of our bolts will be unmatched.

You can contact us with any queries or concerns that you may have regarding the manufacturing process of custom flange bolts or their applications in the industry.

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