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We have years of experience manufacturing and supplying high-quality aluminum alloy nuts for various industries. We can create what you need, no matter how unique the specifications may be.Plus, we offer an unbeatable level of customer service—you’ll be very impressed with our care and attention to every order.

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Grade 2 aluminumthe softest and most ductilenot as strong as other grades
Grade 5 aluminumstronger than Grade 2susceptibility to corrosion, easy to dent or scratch
Grade 8 aluminumthe strongest typemore brittle and difficult to work with

Classification of aluminum alloy nuts materials grade

The table shows different grades of stianless steel to produce nuts.

When choosing an aluminum alloy for a specific application, it is crucial to consider the strength and durability requirements as well as the machining and assembly process.

Classification Of Aluminum Alloy Nuts Shapes

aluminum alloys square nuts

Aluminum Alloy Square Nuts

Aluminum alloy square nuts are a type of fastener used to secure two or more objects together. This design allows for more surface contact with the bolt or screw, which provides greater grip and prevents the nut from loosening over time.s

aluminum alloys flange nuts

Aluminum Alloy Flange Nuts

These nuts have a raised flange around the head, which helps to distribute the load evenly.  Flange head nuts are often used in high-stress applications.

aluminum alloys hex head nuts

Aluminum Alloy Hex Nuts

These nuts have a six-sided head, which makes them easy to grip with a wrench. Hex head nuts are one of the most common types of aluminum alloy nuts; they are suitable for almost all applications.

aluminum alloys knurled nuts

Aluminum Alloy Knurled Nuts

These nuts have a textured surface, which makes them easy to grip by hand. Knurled head nuts are often used in applications with a high level of torque.

aluminum alloys lock nuts

Aluminum Alloy Lock Nuts

An aluminum alloy lock nut is a type of fastener used to secure bolts or screws in place. Unlike a standard nut, which can be easily loosened with a wrench, a lock nut is designed to resist tampering and vibration.

aluminum alloys jam nuts

Aluminum Alloy Jam Nuts

Aluminum alloy jam nuts are an essential component in many industries. They are used to secure bolts and screws in a variety of applications. Jam nuts are available in a variety of sizes and thread types. The most common size is 1/2-13.

Our Fasteners Manufacturing Capability

cold heading machine

Automotive Facility

At our facility, we cold-header our own alminum alloys nuts.

Our ability to cold-header our own nuts gives us greater control over the quality of our product and ensures that our customers receive the highest quality nuts possible. Cold heading also allows us to customize the size, shape, and threading of our nuts to meet the specific needs of our customers.

cnc machine

Processing Technic

At our company, we pride ourselves on our ability to custom-manufacture aluminum alloys nuts to the highest standards.

We have cold header machines capable of processing technic on aluminum alloys nuts. The cold header machine allows us to create high-quality products that meet the demands of our customers.

heat treatment machine

Surface Finishing

Surface treatment is one of the main parts of the whole production process. We also provide professional surface treatment services. We are experts in polished,anodizing, Passivated,Surface Treatment Dacromet,Painting, Black Oxide, Powder Coating, Brushing, Heat Treatment, Electroplating,Zinc Plating,Surface Phosphating,Passivationand PVD finishings.

quality control

Aluminum alloy nuts have been widely used in industry on account of their light weight and good corrosion resistance.
  • Control the content of impurities in the aluminum alloy during smelting– add rare earth elements such as cerium and lanthanum to the aluminum melt to take shape a film on the surface of the melt so that impurities such as iron and silicon are prevented from entering the aluminum melt.
  • Improve aluminum alloy nuts ductility and machinability– the aluminum alloy is annealed.  
  • Improve the hardness and strength of the nut– the aluminum alloy is heat treated.
This allows any potential issues to be identified and addressed before the nuts are shipped to customers. It also helps to ensure that stainless steel nuts meet our high standards for quality and performance.
why choose ue

Why Choose Us As Your Custom nut China Manufacturer?

As the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-made aluminum alloys nuts, we have been dedicated to providing high quality products and services for many years.

advanced equipment & tight tolarence

We have state-of-the-art machining equipment, and our tolerance levels are incredibly tight. This means that your custom-made parts will meet your precise specifications.

Rich Experience

After years of experience in the custom aluminum alloy nut industry, our engineers and technicians have accumulated rich experience. We have confidence that we can meet your unique needs for custom nuts.


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  • Highly resistant to corrosion: The surface of the customized aluminum alloy bolt is easy to naturally produces a layer of dense and firm protective film, which can well protect the nuts from corrosion.
  • Have good thermal conductivity: which makes them ideal for use in applications where heat needs to be dissipated quickly.
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear: they will last longer than other types of nuts, making them a cost-effective choice for many production applications. 

Standard aluminum alloy nuts are mass-produced and lack the precision tolerances that custom nuts offer. As a result, they may not perform as well in high-stress applications or harsh environments. Custom aluminum alloy nuts are made to tighter tolerances and can handle more stress without fail.

At Xfasteners, we custom fasteners including bolts, screws, washers,studs and rivets. So if you’re looking for something specific, don’t hesitate to ask. We may just have exactly what you’re looking for. And if not, we’ll do our best to source the perfect fastener for your project. So whatever your fastener needs may be, don’t hesitate to contact Xfasteners. We’re always happy to help.
There are also other materials custom made nuts are offered,like stainless steel nuts,brass nuts,nickel alloys nuts,titanium nuts,ect..

We manufacturer various materials nuts , including stainless steel, brass, nickel alloys, titanium and alumiun alloys nuts.

At our company, we also manufacture a variety of other types of fasteners. Other parts including screws, bolts, pins and washers. We also manufadturer standard and custom of these parts. Whether you need something for a home improvement project or for an industrial application, we can help you find the right fastener for the job.

There are many fasteners on the market today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, aluminum fasteners are often used in applications where weight is a concern, such as in the aerospace industry. However, aluminum alloys can be susceptible to corrosion, which may be an issue in some environments. 

Ultimately, the best fastener for your application will depend on your specific needs and requirements. By working with Xfasteners, you can ensure that you select the best fastener for your application.

Custom Your Fasteners

As a professional manufacturer of custom aluminum alloy nuts, we have the ability to customize products according to customer requirements fully.

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