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There’s no one better than our team at CNC turning when it comes to custom manufacturing fasteners. Our experience and expertise in this domain mean we can provide custom fasteners of the highest quality and precision. Furthermore, our turn-around time is extremely fast, meaning that you can always count on us to meet your deadlines. 

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our company's CNC turning capability for standard and custom fasteners

Our company offers CNC turning capability for both standard and custom fasteners.

We specialize in producing high-quality parts with precision and accuracy, which allows us to provide our customers with the best possible results.

Our CNC turning machinery is state-of-the-art and regularly serviced, so you can be sure that the parts we produce are of the highest quality.

Furthermore, our team of experienced engineers can work with various materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc., to ensure that your fastener is made according to your exact specifications.

With our CNC turning capabilities and experienced engineering staff, you can be sure that your fasteners will be produced quickly and efficiently.

cnc machining capability
cnc machining surfece finish

our Surface Finish Technology On CNC turning Parts

For a custom fastener manufacturer in China, surface finish technology is essential. Our process creates a smooth, glossy finish resistant to scratches and dents. Our surface finish technology is also designed to improve the appearance and durability of CNC turning parts. 

powder coating

Powder coating is a manufacturing process used to coat metal parts with a thin layer of paint or polymer binder to protect them from corrosion and the elements. It is usually done using an industrial furnace called a powder coater.


Planting involves putting plants in the ground to produce oxygenated soil that can help inhibit weed growth and control environmental pollution by breaking down chemical pollutants into less harmful substances.


Grinding refers to the mechanical treatment of raw materials such as wood or coal into smaller pieces that are easier for your machine to utilize.

CNC turning materials for fasteners

Making non-standard fasteners and parts is a powerful way to improve efficiency and quality. CNC turning is a technology that allows for precision and quality unmatched by other manufacturing methods. Materials used in CNC turning can include metals like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.


Aluminum is a popular choice for fasteners due to its strengths and lightness. It can be machined into different shapes and sizes, making it perfect for customization. Some of the most common aluminum alloys used in manufacturing include AL6061, AL6063, AL7075, and AL5052.

stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for custom fasteners because of its corrosion resistance and low wear. It can be machined using CNC turning machines to create various shapes and sizes, making it ideal for high-quality and durability applications. SS201, SS301, SS303, SS304, and SS316F are some examples of stainless steel grades with specific properties that make them perfect for use in custom fasteners.


Steel is a material that has many benefits for fastener manufacturing. It offers precision, strength, and durability that traditional methods cannot match. For custom fasteners manufacturers in China, it is the perfect way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. When selecting steel for your application, select the right type – carbon steel, alloy steel, or mild steel. And lastly, always use CNC turning machining technology when making fasteners out of this material!


Alloy is a material that has many uses in different industries. It is an alloy of metals that have been heating treated to create a stronger bond between the metal and the plastic. This makes alloy ideal for fasteners as it creates durable connections resistant to wear and tear. There are different alloys, each with its unique properties, making it the perfect choice for various projects. For example, zinc alloy is often used with brass or steel to create brass fittings or steel screws. When selecting an alloy, be sure to consider what your end goal is – lightweight alloys can be used for plastics. In contrast, heavy-duty alloys are more suitable for metal applications such as car parts, etcetera.


Brass is a popular fastener material because of its strength and corrosion resistance. It can also be finished in various colors, making it suitable for various applications. Machine tools used to turn brass are highly specialized, so you need the right equipment. Brass fasteners are often used in industrial applications where durability and long-term reliability are essential. Some common types of brass that you may come across include Hpb63, Hpb62, Hbp61, etc., which all have different properties and specifications that make them ideal for particular purposes.


Copper is popular for custom fasteners because of its strength and corrosion resistance. It can be turned into different shapes and sizes, making it an ideal choice for fastener manufacturers who need to meet the specific needs of their customers. In addition, with the growth of CNC turning machines in China, copper fasteners are becoming increasingly popular. These machines allow faster and more accurate production of parts with precision machining features that are impossible using traditional machining methods.

Advantages of CNC turning for custom fasteners

When it comes to fastener manufacturing, CNC turning is the perfect solution. This process allows for high-quality, precision parts that are unique and specific to your needs. This more customized approach results in faster turnaround times and better accuracy. 

high precision

With this technology, you can produce fasteners with precision and accuracy that you couldn’t achieve with traditional manufacturing methods.

The breadth of the processable

This technology can also produce fasteners in various shapes and sizes, making it ideal for modern manufacturers.

high efficiency

CNC machining is faster and more cost effective than traditional methods, resulting in shorter lead times and lower overall manufacturing costs.

advantages for cnc turning
conpany cnc machining strength

The strength of our company for CNC turning

Our company has a long history of providing high-quality CNC turning services. We have a highly skilled and experienced team that can deliver precise and accurate results. 

abundant experience

Xfasteners has over ten years of experience in the custom fastener industry, which gives it extensive knowledge and understanding of how these products work. This ensures that you receive the best possible service from this company.Furthermore, Xfasteners is always happy to offer advice on how CNC turning could improve your business operations - no matter what stage they are at.

automotive CNC turning equipment

Our factory has state-of-the-art CNC turning equipment and a quality control system to deliver durable lathe custom fasteners and parts at cheap prices.One of the most efficient ways to do this is using CNC turning machines. These machines allow for quick and high-quality production of fasteners, leading to a faster turnaround time and increased precision and accuracy.


CNC Turning is a type of machining that uses rotary motion to machine parts. It is an emerging and important tool in the manufacturing industry because of its precision and accuracy. Some of the benefits of CNC Turning include faster and more accurate production cycles and making high-quality products quickly and efficiently. Some of the biggest names in tech, like Facebook, Tesla, Apple, and Boeing, use this process to make high-quality products quickly and efficiently.

CNC milling is a great option for custom fasteners, as it allows for precise machining and producing high-quality components. This type of machining uses computer numerical control (CNC) technology to control the cutting tools, allowing for precise and automated manufacturing processes. With CNC milling, intricate parts can be created with exact specifications and tolerances, making it an ideal choice for custom fasteners. Additionally, CNC milling reduces the cost of production while increasing efficiency and accuracy compared to traditional manual machining methods. Furthermore, CNC milling has the capacity to create complex geometries that may not be achievable through other manufacturing techniques. As such, CNC milling is an ideal solution for those seeking custom fasteners with superior quality and precision.

The most common types of fasteners that need to be turned by a CNC machine are screws, bolts, washers, pins, rivets, and nuts.

When choosing the right CNC turning for your project, it is important to consider the material you are working with. For example, a rotary table would be ideal for your project if you plan to machine metals or plastics. A three-dimensional (3D) CNC turning will be more suitable if you work with intricate parts or require high precision. Always consult a CNC machinist before starting any project, as they can advise on the best option for your specific needs.

One of the best ways to ensure quality control when fasteners are turned at a CNC machine is by using a reliable and experienced manufacturer. Ensure you have all the documents required for exporting your products, such as SGS or CE certificates, before turning to a supplier. Additionally, always use high-quality materials and components in your machines and test them before using them on final products.

The process of having a fastener turned at a CNC machine typically involves the use of a collet chuck and tooling. The CNC machine rotates the fastened part while the chuck grips the fastener and feeds it into the spindle. After the part is rotated, the cutter removes materials in an accurate shape to create a finished product.

Yes, having your fasteners CNC turned in in China is worth it. There are a few reasons for this: First of all, Chinese factories are some of the most experienced and efficient when it comes to CNC turning. They’ve been doing this for years and are extremely skilled at it. Secondly, with the increasing popularity of 3D printing technology, you’ll find that more and more customers are looking for custom fasteners made in China. And because Chinese factories are already well-equipped to handle high-volume production, they can produce these fasteners quickly and at an affordable cost. Lastly, companies are increasingly turning to China as their manufacturing base due to rising labor costs in other parts of the world.

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