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When you need high-quality CNC custom fasteners, there’s no one better to turn to than our company. We specialize in CNC machining for metal fasteners, and our ability to work with a wide variety of materials ensures that you’ll get the perfect fastener for your application. Not only that but our team is experienced in creating precision parts using cutting-edge technologies.

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our company's CNC machining capability for fasteners

As a leading supplier of fasteners in China, we can provide fasteners for various industrial, medical, and aerospace applications.
Our CNC machining capabilities are versatile and efficient, making it a perfect option for fastener production.
In addition, we are committed to providing a wide range of customized production of standard and custom fastener options to meet customers’ needs.
Xfasteners also provide CNC milling and turning technology to satisfy your custom fastener.
cnc machining capability
cnc machining surfece finish

Surface Finish Of CNC Machined fasteners

Xfasteners can provide ways for CNC machining, such as powder coating, planting, and grinding.

powder coating

Powder coating is a manufacturing process used to coat metal parts with a thin layer of paint or polymer binder to protect them from corrosion and the elements. It is usually done using an industrial furnace called a powder coater.


Planting involves putting plants in the ground to produce oxygenated soil that can help inhibit weed growth and control environmental pollution by breaking down chemical pollutants into less harmful substances.


Grinding refers to the mechanical treatment of raw materials such as wood or coal into smaller pieces that are easier for your machine to utilize.

CNC machining materials for fasteners

If you’re looking to create custom fasteners in China, you’ll need to use CNC machining. This technology cuts various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.


Aluminum is popular for fasteners because of its low weight and flexibility. It also has good heat treatment properties that make it ideal for CNC machining. Make sure to select the right material for your application – this will depend on the type of fastener you are making.

stainless steel

Stainless steel is a great material for making fasteners because it is rust-resistant and high-strength. It also has good thermal properties, meaning it can withstand high temperatures. Other materials you may use for machining fasteners include brass and aluminum. Make sure to choose the right machine for the job, as not all machines are good for stainless steel fasteners.

mild steel

Mild steel is the most common material used for custom fasteners in China. It is durable and has a low melting point, making it ideal for CNC machining. Depending on the fastener you are manufacturing, other processing steps may also need to be taken into account, such as heat treatment and hardening.

alloy steel

Alloy steel is the perfect material for CNC machining as it has high strength and durability ratings. Furthermore, it also makes great fasteners due to its resistance to wear and tear.


Brass is a popular material for fasteners because of its resistance to corrosion and wear. It also has a high melting point, so that it can be used in high-temperature applications.

Advantages of CNC Machining for custom fasteners from Xfasteners

Custom fasteners are crucial for the success of any business, and Xfasteners is the perfect provider for this type of customization.

high precision

With this technology, you can produce fasteners with precision and accuracy that you couldn’t achieve with traditional manufacturing methods.

The breadth of the processable

This technology can also produce fasteners in various shapes and sizes, making it ideal for modern manufacturers.

high efficiency

CNC machining is faster and more cost effective than traditional methods, resulting in shorter lead times and lower overall manufacturing costs.

cnc machined fasteners
conpany cnc machining strength

The strength of CNC machining in our company

CNC machining offers a wealth of advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques. Faster turnaround times, higher quality products, and reduced costs are some benefits that can be achieved with our help.

professional workers

Machine tool operators are some of the most in-demand professionals in the industry. With their unmatched speed and accuracy, CNC machining is a precision process that needs highly skilled workers to operate it effectively. As machine tools become more complex and require a wider range of skills, manufacturers always look for talented operators who can easily handle challenging projects.

Automotive CNC machining equipment

Our state-of-the-art tools offer many advantages over traditional machining methods, including faster processing times, increased accuracy and repeatability, reduced scrap rates, and improved quality control. Add this technology to your arsenal and see how far you can push your business boundaries.


CNC machining is a technology that uses a computer numerical control (CNC) machine to create parts and fasteners with precision and detail. The machines are extremely versatile and can produce parts from metal, plastic, wood, or other materials. They can also be used for production processes like tooling and mold making.

CNC machining is a process that uses computer-controlled machines to create metal parts from a CAD file. The process can create small and large parts for prototypes and production runs. Fasteners are one type of part that can be created using CNC machining, and the process is generally the same regardless of the size or complexity of the fastener.


A programmer will create a CAD file of the desired fastener. This file will include all of the dimensions and specifications for the part. Once the file is complete, it is loaded into the CNC machine. The machine will then use cutting tools to remove material from a piece of stock metal until the fastener is complete.

We provide standard and custom fastener products like custom screws, bolts, nuts, etc. We have many screws, bolts, and nuts made from different materials. We also have many finishes for our screws, bolts, and nuts. We can provide custom screws, bolts, and nuts according to the specifications of our clients. Contact us right now for fastener manufacturing.

The CNC machining process is a versatile manufacturing method that can create various parts and products. The most common applications for CNC machining are creating prototypes, small-batch production runs and creating custom parts for specific applications.


CNC machining is well suited for creating complex parts and shapes that would be difficult or impossible to create using other methods. The process can be used to create tight-tolerances and high-precision fasteners. Additionally, CNC machining can create parts with a wide range of surface finishes, from smooth and glossy to rough and textured.

There is a cost associated with using CNC machining to produce custom fasteners in China. This cost is typically higher than producing the same fasteners through other methods, such as manufacturing. However, the final price of a product will depend on many factors, like the material used and the level of accuracy you need. If you’re looking for high-quality and accurate products, CNC machining is the way to go. By using this method, you can ensure that your fasteners are of the highest quality and meet your specific specifications.

CNC machining can produce various parts, including screws, rivets, and bolts. The most common materials machined using this process include metals like aluminum and steel, plastics, and fiberglass. With the help of advanced software tools and automatic machines, it is possible to produce fasteners with consistent tolerances in sizes and shapes.

There are many reasons to use custom fasteners. One reason is that they can be made to specific sizes and desired shapes, making them more versatile than standard fasteners. Another reason is that custom fasteners can be made from various materials, making them more durable than standard fasteners. Finally, custom fasteners can be made with various finishes, giving them a more professional look.

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